Social Media -Literacy and Consulting Services

Social Media is where ideas, people, business, innovation and digital technology meet.
Our services will help your organization navigate this space more effectively.

Social Media Literacy Programmes

These courses are ideal for any organization which wants to use social media more creatively, strategically and effectively, yet needs to have a better understanding of the tools to do so. Social Media literacy courses are designed to help individuals/organizations gain the expertise and competence to communicate effectively and to analyze, evaluate, and create messages across socially connected online and digital platforms. We address the three levels of literacy because levels of experience and understanding vary within an organization, and demands differ depending on responsibilities.


1. BASIC-Introductory, How to get started, Learn fundamentals, execute basic activities
We offer: SOCIAL MEDIA 101- Content provides basic information, how to-, step by step,
Instructional and best practices.

2. INTERMEDIATE/MANAGER- For individuals who have experience executing, can operate
features, but need to be up-skilled to implement strategy, drive campaigns and embed
Social Media across the organization
We offer: SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS- content is for intermediate/management level.
Provides operational insight and integration into business.

3. STRATEGIC/EXECUTIVE- for business leaders who need a high-level perspective and
be strategic drivers of social media efforts.
We offer: SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EXECUTIVES- Content is high level/ strategic. Provides
intelligence on digital engagement for leaders.


  • Engagement which improves personal and corporate image
  • More strategic engagement
  • Stronger brand communication
  • Good social media etiquette
  • More productivity
  • More business leads

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    Social Media Policy Development

    Increased use of Social Media for professional and personal use means that your people and organization need defined parameters in order to use these tools for the benefit of the organization. We work with the relevant business units to create guidelines specific to your organization. We help you develop clear codes of conduct, disclosure guidelines, management protocols, security procedures, best practices.


  • Have fewer social media related incidents
  • Improved online security
  • Fewer lawsuits
  • Less cyber-bullying, harassment and other negative events

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