About Us

Our team is led by Puseletso Mompei, experienced Media & Communications Consultant, Writer and Editor. Our team of talented associates and freelancers come together on short term and large scale projects, and our core team works on daily delivery and long term projects.

Our Philosophy

Our work is underpinned by a strong passion for communication with experience of working in multimedia environments such as print, TV, Radio, online, accumulated over sectors ranging from IT, business, health communications, politics, financial services, academia, fashion and current affairs.

As the digital spheres of social media and online related services and tools have grown in importance, our offering has evolved to incorporate these, so that our clients can reap the benefits of online communications. .

Our Values

Our business is built on three core values :

We strive to deliver high quality services and products to our clients.

Our ideas, support, advice and input should directly enhance and positively impact your business or organization.

After we have worked with you, there should be a clear value we have added to your organization or business. We love to see a business improved and transformed through our involvement.